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What Should I Expect To Pay For Pet Insurance?


Jade Poole

Pay for pet insurance

As we all know, pet insurance has quickly become a hot topic for pet owners across the country. And it has everything to do with its affordability!

With severe spikes in pet accidents and illnesses, the idea of fiercely protecting our four-legged friends is definitely the new norm in pet care.

And so, if you find yourself considering your options for adequate pet care, welcome to the big leagues! Where your pets are ALWAYS number one.

But with that being said, just because we want to protect our pets doesn’t mean we can necessarily afford it. Or can we?

How much will pet insurance cost?

If you were to ask most pet owners who have yet to take out pet insurance, all of their critics are the same. That pet insurance costs are astronomical, if not putting them on the brink of medical debt. The scary part is that pet insurance actually saves you thousands of rands every year.

So, while the premium will definitely play a role in your decision, just know that there are affordable options out there. Contrary to popular belief, there are policies that are designed for most cost-conscious pet parents.

With that being said, keep in mind that pet insurance rates will rise every year!

On average, pet insurance in South Africa ranges between R100 – R1500 a month. Generally, however, cats will be cheaper to insure than dogs.

A little later on I will be revealing a pet insurer that is below the average cost but offers three times the benefits!

How certain factors influence your pet insurance

Your desired breed

The best pet parents around are the ones that focus on comprehensively understanding pet insurance. This includes understanding how having a certain breed will influence the amount you fork over every month.

Given the fact that certain breeds are prone to contracting certain illnesses and diseases, they receive a higher premium amount. In my analysis of local pet insurers, it was clear that the processes were heavily based on dog breeds where there are very few price variations between cats.

Type of coverage

One of the biggest factors that will determine your pet insurance premium is the level of coverage you want. Most insurers will offer you a number of pet plans that range between the following. Note that these are in order of cheapest (lower coverage) to more expensive (head-to-tail comprehensive cover).

Accident Plans

This is where the medical expense of your pet is covered in the event that they are in an accident. This means that in the event of an accident like ligament sprains and broken bones, certain bills will be covered. A few include hospitalisation, prescribed medication and x-rays!

Hospital Plans

Should your pet need to be hospitalised, this specific policy will kick in and cover the costs of your pet's stay. This includes post-surgery stays at your local vet. Note that this policy is only applicable at your vet at a registered veterinary clinic.

Middle half-package

This pet policy plan is ideal for pet parents looking to spend a little more on coverage. On average, these plans cover most wellnesses aspects. This includes wellness exams and tests. In some cases, under this policy, vaccines and tick and flea preventions are also included.

Comprehensive Pet Plan

Naturally, this is a case of leaving the best for last. And it doesn’t get much better than a comprehensive plan. As the name suggests this policy will cover most medical expenses for a whole number of problems, incidents, illnesses, diagnostic tests, treatments and so much more!

How you could cut down pet insurance costs

●       Continuously and actively maintain the health of your pet

●       Look out for multi-pet discounts

●       Consider neutering or spaying your pet

●       Opt to pay a higher excess

●       Go in for regular check-ups at the vet

The best pet insurer in the business

Okay, so if you have made it this far into the blog, you‘re clearly one for a happy ending. As I mentioned earlier, I will be revealing my go-to pet insurer. Now, when I say that Oneplan is the best, there are a number of reasons behind it.

One of the most prominent benefits of signing up for Oneplan pet insurance is the fact that their team knows that opting for a pet policy is both an emotional and financial decision. Understanding the balance of these two things has led them to one of the most comprehensive and affordable offerings I’ve ever witnessed.

They offer 4 incredibly comprehensive pet plans. All of which come with a number of benefits and perks built into their offering.

●       Accident Plan

●       Hospital Plan

●       Classic Plan

●       Super Plan

It is also worth noting that their pet plans range from R70 – R399 a month. And no, this is not a typo. It’s real and it’s all yours if you just click here and get in contact with their team.

If you find yourself dazzled by their prices, just wait until you see what is included in each one … that’s where the real magic is!

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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