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6-month routine care program for your new healthy puppy


Jade Poole

healthy puppy

Although I have no doubt that you’ve nailed down your feeding, grooming and cuddle sessions with your new pup, it’s time to amp up the routine care program with this exclusive cheat sheet!

I will be the first person to tell you that it is completely normal to find yourself in the depths of Google trying to figure out the best way to take care of your new canine companion. However, all of the information can be incredibly overwhelming and daunting to comprehend.

Which is why I am here. So, sit back, relax and bookmark this blog!

The first 6 months

I cannot stress how important the first six months of your pup’s new life are. This is where you will not only establish your pet parenting style but ultimately determine your relationship going forward. If you want to show your dog unrelenting love, the only way to do that is by establishing a viable schedule/routine.

And yes, I meant what I wrote.

You have schedules for your own health, work and personal life so why not extend that to include your dog too?

The reality is that there are many things to take into consideration when adding a new puppy to the family. Sticking to a healthcare program can fall pretty low on your to-do list ... until now.

Making use of my exclusive routine care program will ensure that you are raising a happy and healthy dog!

However, before we can get into what truly is the easiest walk in the park, let’s see why it’s important to create this program in the first place.

Why do I need a routine program?

Alright, so without the long winded explanation that is not only boring but incredibly time-consuming, here is the lowdown: routine programs for your dog are essential. A non-negotiable if you will.

Establishing a routine care program means that you are prioritizing the wellbeing of your pup. It also means that you will be able to raise a well-adjusted dog that is healthy, confident and well-bonded.

Having a consistent program for your canine will also make their lives a lot more predictable, which in turn allows them to relax and know what is coming next.

Younger dogs are also easier to train, so repetition is key – use this to your advantage! This will help them understand that certain things have to happen regularly in order to keep them safe and healthy.

Now for a little word of advice: try to establish a program that is realistic for both you and your family. Your dog is taking its cues from you, so you have to stick to it from the get-go.

What should be in your 6-month routine program?

Get your cuddles on

I know that you probably expected me to start with something else, but bonding time is often overlooked. And yet, it’s an important part of routine care. Your dog is a part of your family so it’s important that they are treated as such.

Cuddling and spending time with your dog is an integral part of their psychological welfare. In the same way that love and adoration help you feel better – the same can be said for dogs. This will improve their mood and level of obedience.

Regular veterinarian visits

If you aren’t already pretty close with your local vet, you better get started now! Your vet has literally devoted their lives to the wellbeing of your pet, so use them! They will ensure that during the first six months your pup is meeting all of its necessary milestones.

Naturally, this is also where they will also be able to detect illnesses and diseases before they become severe. Remember that this part of your routine program will actually save you money since preventative care will help elevate the likelihood of costly medical expenses.

Boosters, shots and vaccines

With the current pandemic, this point should pretty much be ingrained in your vocabulary at this point. Vaccines are the new normal – apparently. And the same applies to your dogs. During your pet’s first six months they will need to undergo a number of vaccines and boosters. This will all depend on their breed, age and lifestyle.

Booster shots will also have to be administered during various intervals to maintain their health.

Again, check-in with your vet so that they can help you establish a tailor-made vaccine and booster routine for your canine.

Check those pearly whites

Contrary to popular belief, your young dog does actually have to go to the dentist. Even before they actually lose all of their puppy teeth! Dental issues can start early on, from small fractures, tooth decay and gum diseases.

Getting into the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth every 2-3 days is an absolute must. Oral hygiene deserves a pretty high spot on your dog’s routine program so make sure not to leave it off your list. You can also make use of water additives and dental wipes to really focus on their dental health and wellbeing.

If you can also schedule a bi-monthly dental appointment too, you get extra doggy points from me!

Let’s get physical

It is easy to assume that exercise is solely for your pups physical health, but it extends to their mental health too. Not only does playing games, training and running with your dog keep them in shape but allows them to exert pent up energy. If your dog isn’t able to release these bursts of energy, they are more likely to develop anxiety or destructive behaviours like excessive barking or chewing,

Make sure to add DAILY (yes, daily) exercise to your list of to-dos. Your routine program is not complete without stimulating your dog - both mentally and physically.

Get your dog insured

If you are familiar with any of my blogs, then you know that I am an advocate for pet insurance. It is one of the most effective forms of preventative care. Without this form of coverage, you lose out on the following:

Covered vet bills

Access to the best veterinarians in the industry

Routine and wellness cover

And so much more, it’s actually bewildering! This form of protection is also twice as beneficial as it works to protect you and your dog. What more could you want? Pet insurance also acts as a great form of accountability for all of the above-made points.

Each and every dog is different, but regardless of their breed or age they all deserve your undivided love and attention and the best way to do that is with this routine care program. I’ve done my part – now it’s your turn!

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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