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Common health problems in cats and how pet insurance can help


Jade Poole

Common health problems IN PETS

Cats may have nine lives, but the quickest way to threaten every single one of them is to ignore the fact that they are prone to certain health problems. Learning about their common illnesses and how to combat them is the only way to adequately protect your feline.

One of the many blessings of owning a cat is knowing that they definitely age with grace. They are also fiercely independent and great at self-maintenance which makes them a great lifelong companion.

However, there is a downside to this. Our feline friends are masters at hiding their ailments, so much so that if you are not clued up on common warning signs, you may be putting your cat’s life in danger.

Now before you panic and begin assessing your cat, take a breather. We are only human, and we are not trained with the keen eye of a vet. That being said, being a great pet parent means understanding that your cat may not be able to communicate with you verbally, but their body language definitely can!

So, let’s get you familiar with important healthcare issues that your cat may experience!


Alright, we all pretty much know about ticks and fleas. They are incredibly common, and yet many cat owners fail to recognise the fact that their cat is suffering from this health problem.

Fleas can actually live for more than a year and run the risk of giving your cat anaemia, amongst several other conditions.

Here are a few signs that your cat may have fleas:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Frequent/obsessive licking
  3. Dirt on skin that looks similar to black dots

Make sure to chat to your vet about various flea control treatment options!


Did you know that tapeworms are one of the most common cat problems around the world? Well, if that wasn’t shocking enough for you, wait until you hear how they can grow up to almost a metre long. They grow within the small intestine of your cat and wreak absolute havoc!

However, the symptoms involved with having a tapeworm are rather subtle, so you’ll need to be a little more vigilant here.

If you notice any of the below, then it’s safe to assume that your cat might have a tapeworm:

  1. Excessive vomiting
  2. Dramatic weight loss
  3. Small white dots in their faeces (they look like small grains of rice)

When it comes to treatment options, your vet will most likely suggest either an injection or oral medication for your cat!

Eye-related issues

As your little ball of fur begins to age, much like humans, their eyesight is usually the first to wither over time. Common eye issues in cats are a result of a number of things including cataracts, viruses, conjunctivitis and many more!

When it comes to understanding the symptoms involved, look out for the following:

  1. Red or white lining around the eyes
  2. Pawing at their eyes
  3. Tear-stained fur
  4. Constant gunk around the corners of their eyes

Now, yes, some of these symptoms may just be proof of a good night’s rest (you know how we get the same), but it’s important to get these things checked by the vet. Also make sure that you are wiping away any gunk from their eyes with a warm, damp cotton ball.


Yup, turns out that a lot of the ailments that we get when we get older, we actually share with our cats. They too suffer from arthritis, which is the swelling of joints. After chatting to a number of renowned veterinarians the overwhelming response was that most cat owners don’t recognise arthritis in their cats because they assume that they are just slowing down from age.

However, arthritis is incredibly painful for your cat and will progressively worsen if not checked and treated. Generally, when it comes to arthritis, it’s about watching your cat’s movements. Are they no longer jumping around? Are they moving slower than usual?

If you notice a lack of movement from your boisterous cat, let your vet know and they can do the necessary tests and let you know about effective pain management options!

Dental issues

If you didn’t know that your cat’s teeth actually need to be brushed: you are welcome. Most pet owners neglect their pets' dental care because at first glance it may seem odd to brush your pet’s teeth. Well, that ends today.

Protect your cat’s pearly whites by getting into a regular dental routine with your cat. Ignoring this could give your cat a number of health issues including digestive problems and gum diseases.

Here are a few warning signs that things aren’t okay in your cat’s mouth:

  1. Bad breath
  2. Constant pawing at the mouth
  3. Difficulty eating
  4. Swollen gums
  5. Excessive drooling

Again, your vet is your best source of figuring out the best oral hygiene strategy for your cat so have a chat with them and they will provide you with the perfect dental solutions – catered specifically to your fur baby!

The solution to common cat illnesses

If you are a pretty vigilant reader, you would have noticed that most of my paragraphs ended with the same solution: your vet! This goes without saying that your local veterinarian is your saving grace and the number one place to get reassurance on your cat’s overall health and wellness.

That being said, gaining access to vets isn’t exactly easy. They are incredibly expensive (for good reason) which means most pet parents don’t frequent their vet as often as they’d like to.

Well, your golden ticket to vet visits is without a doubt pet insurance. It is not only your best ally but an absolute essential when it comes to owning ANY pet. Having a pet policy means that you get to seek the help and advice of your vet whenever you need them.

From annual check-ups to regular visits, wellness routines and emergencies, covering those costs aren’t your worry anymore!

Taking your cat to the vet no longer has to break the bank or wreak havoc on your financial security. You can now breathe easy knowing that you will not have to cover the costs of preventative care – that’s the role of your pet insurer.

You have already done your part as a responsible pet parent by reading this blog and increasing your pet healthcare knowledge. Now let pet insurance take care of the rest for you!

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team


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