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Should my companion have annual check-ups?


Jade Poole

Pet annual check-ups

You probably already know the answer to this question (it’s YES if it wasn’t clear) but it’s important that you understand WHY you have to do this. Good thing that’s what we’re exploring!

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of your pet, the best offence is a good defence. Taking on this approach means making use of one of the best strategies of attack when it comes to protecting your pet.

In the same way that we prioritize regular doctors’ visits (probably a little more since the pandemic hit) the same advice goes for your pet. Get them to your local vet AT LEAST once a year for a full check-up.

And so, let it be known that I will be focusing on the power of preventive care throughout this blog because it truly is the most effective form of healthcare around. But it’s important to remember that preventive care and vet visits work hand-in-hand.

Taking your pet in for an annual physical check-up is the best way to determine whether or not your pet is actually medically, physically and psychologically okay! So, the least you can do is take them every year.

What is an annual check-up at the vet?

Well, this paragraph should be pretty simple to understand (and write) because in many ways it works just like your human medical check-ups. This is where your vet will do a thorough physical examination of your dog or cat.

From their eyes to their ears, fur and everything in between your pet wellness levels will be assessed. In the event that your pet is found to have any medical issues, you can expect to be told that you’re going to need to come in more often.

Remember that a year is a long time for an animal, and a lot can happen during this time so make sure that you go for the full physical examination, okay? Don’t cheap out on this!

Why is an annual check-up important?

It is easy for pet owners to just assume the role of a vet. You look at your pet and they’re eating and still destroying your home, so they must be good. Especially since no one knows your pet better than you do, right?

Well, wrong.

Their tails may be wagging and meows in full swing but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t experiencing real sickness. The worst part is that your untrained eye will probably only notice when something is wrong when it has already progressed.

Don’t wait for them to be showing serious symptoms first before you take them to the vet!

So, whether or not you think your pet is healthy and in tip-top shape, rather let a medical professional confirm that for you. During this time, they will be able to stop any medical issues in its tracks pretty early on. After all, prevention is better than the cure. 

Do they have to go to the vet annually?

Okay, let’s quickly put a little disclaimer here, shall we? I am in no way a veterinarian, so the below will be a general rule of thumb. That being said, make sure to actually ask your vet how often your companion is meant to come in.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, it’s important to note that many things affect the number of times your pet has to go to the vet. This includes the type of animal, breed, age etc.

However, generally, most veterinarians recommend at least bringing your pet in every year for a physical exam. However, when your pet officially becomes a senior, they should be going in at least twice a year minimum.

Also, if you’ve got a little one, you’ll most likely have to go in a little more regularly at first to make sure they’re up to date on vaccinations, dewormers etc.

What do you bring to an annual exam?

Your pets favourite toy or item

I think it’s fair to say that no one likes going to the doctor, and well, neither do your pets. So, to help bring down their sense of anxiety, bring them their favourite toy to keep them distracted and calm. Pack a few of their favourite snacks too and you’re good to go.

Questions for your vet

It is important that you make the most out of your time with the vet. Voice all of your questions and concerns with them as they are there to help you and your pet! If you have also noticed any changes with your pet from behaviours to appearance, appetite and anything else, give your vet a little heads up about it.

Oneplan Pet Insurance

As you should already know, Oneplan is undoubtedly the best in the pet insurance business and it’s so easy to see why. When you head to your vet make sure to bring along your Onecard that will be preloaded with funds to help cover the costs of your annual visits.

Oh, and while you’re there, just know that wellness and routine cover are also covered by this insurance company! What makes their comprehensive coverage even better is knowing that they have one of the highest annual cover limits compared to other pet insurers.

If I had the opportunity (and word limit) to go on about how you HAVE to have your pet insurance in place before going to the vet, I would. But I will let Oneplan do all the talking instead!

At the end of the day, annual check-ups are the least that you could do for your pet to show them your love, adoration and commitment to them. They may not say it, so I will: they will love you even more for it!

Until next time,

The Pet Insurance Team

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