Is Your Dog Acting Strange? Here Are 8 Reasons Why

Interested to find out the real reason for your dog acting strange? Like biting their tails or running around like crazy after bath time – we dig into the 8 weird things our dogs do and why they do them (#5 might surprise you!).

Our precious pooches fill our days with love, cuddles, and laughter. But sometimes our furry members of the family tend to do things that are a little strange and can’t seem to be explained. We explore the strange and common things dogs do and why they do them.

8 Reasons for Your Dog Acting Strange

1.     Kicking when scratched

Have you ever noticed when you are giving Bruno a tummy rub that his back legs kick or start to twitch? Most pet parents take this as a sign of enjoyment from their dog. However, the reason why your dog is shaking or kicking his legs is that he has a scratch reflex.

This reflex reacts when your dog feels something irritating or ticking his skin, signalling the hind legs to get rid of the itch. Some dog experts suggest that when this happens, try moving the scratching to a different area where your dog’s hind leg does not react.

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2.     Biting their tail

Many pet parents find this rather hilarious to watch, but truth be told, when your dog bites his tail it means that something (like a parasite or fleas) are bothering him. If your dog is aggressively biting his tail, then it’s a good idea to take him to the vet before he hurts himself.

3.     Chasing their tail

There are 2 reasons why dogs chase their tails:

The first reason is that your dog is bored and is looking for a way to entertain himself. The      second reason is due to OCD, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

If your dog is obsessively chasing his tail on a regular basis, then this might be due to an anxiety disorder, in which case, you need to take your dog to the vet.

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4.     Going crazy after bath time

If you have witnessed your dog running around like a crazy wild animal after bathtime, then you are not alone. The main reason is that dogs do not like the smell of shampoo and will try to eliminate the smell on their fur and skin and get their own scent back. Another reason is that your dog, who might not like bath time, is simply celebrating the fact that it’s over.

5.     Scratching the ground after pooping

It’s pretty common to see your dog scratching the floor after doing his business. His reason for doing this is to leave his scent behind. Did you know that dogs have scent glands in their feet that secrete pheromones?

So, when your dog scratches the ground after urinating or pooping, this is his way of marking his territory and letting other dogs know he was there. Fun fact – the pheromones released from a dog’s feet when scratching the ground will last longer than the scent of poop or urine.

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6.     Dragging their butt across the floor

Also known as scooting, this often embarrassing and strange behaviour is a sign that something is irritating your dog’s bottom. Your dog is most likely suffering from intestinal parasites which cause discomfort and itching.

If you notice your dog scooting, we advise you to take him to the vet to get diagnosed and treated accordingly.

7.     Turning in circles before lying down

Dogs like to spend time preparing their bed before plopping down to take a nap. But there is a reason as to why your dog performs this curious canine behaviour. Experts believe that it dates back to your dog’s ancestors.

It’s thought that wild dogs had to pat down grass and bushes to make a comfy bed for themselves and the easiest way to prepare this was to turn around in circles. This sort of ritual may have also served as a way to mark their territory in leaving a visible sign that the territory is claimed.

It may have also been a precautionary measure to scan the area for any danger before turning in for the night.

8.     Sniffing other dog’s butts

This is one of the most common behaviours seen in dogs. The reason for smelling other dog’s butts is due to your dog’s incredible sense of smell. When sniffing the butt of another dog, your dog is gathering information about that dog. This information includes their gender, health, diet, and even their emotional state.

We hope these facts have helped shed some light on why your dog is acting strange!

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