Millennials & Pet Insurance: 5 Reasons Why Young Pet Parents Need Pet Cover

Our precious pets are our best friends, the furry members of our family, but just like us, they are not immune to health risks. Did you know that a recent survey by Riley’s Organic found that dog parents kiss their pets more than they kiss their partners?

And more than half of the people in the study admitted to skipping out on social events in order to hang out with their furry bestie.

As millennials, many of us are financially cautious and frugal, which causes us to delay buying homes, getting married, and starting families.

As more and more millennials are putting off starting families at a young age, pet ownership is on the rise. Some studies even suggest that because millennials are delaying these big life decisions, we have more time (and cash) on our hands to enjoy the companionship of our precious pets.

We tend to have incredibly close relationships with our pets and do whatever we can to keep our pets healthy and happy.

And this is where pet insurance comes in…

What is pet insurance?

If you are wondering what pet insurance is and how it works, then you are not alone. Pet insurance is basically a form of medical aid for your pet. There is a range of pet plans you can choose from, they start at cover for emergencies only and move up to cover for vet visits and routine care.

If you’ve got a little time, have a glance at this guide for the answers to all your pet insurance questions. But to sum it all up, pet insurance covers your pet for expected and unexpected vet bills.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in insurance for your pet.

1. It saves you money

Millennials love a good bargain. From all-you-can-eat sushi to shopping discounts – we love to save for the things that matter most in life, like that holiday to Bali we have been itching to go on.

And the thing is, pet insurance actually saves you money, and a lot of it. Look at it this way, a check-up can cost R400 or more at the vet. Then, if your pet is involved in an accident and breaks his leg, this can cost as much as R15 000.

Vet bills, just like our own doctor bills, are expensive, pet insurance helps give you the option of treatment for your pet.

In fact, pet insurance was created to help save pet parents from the horrible decision of choosing euthanasia as a result of unaffordable vet bills.

2. Financial security

You might have a stable income right now and can afford the odd luxury here and there, but what happens when you need to buy a new fridge, your geyser bursts, or you need a new car?

You can kiss your savings goodbye.

And if something happens to your pet during a month when your budget feels more stretched than usual, pet insurance can help cover the expensive vet bills.

3. Routine care adds up

Check-ups, vaccinations, deworming, spaying, neutering, tick and flea control – all of these costs add up. In fact, your first year of pet ownership can cost R2500 or more just for routine care.

If you choose a pet insurance plan that includes vet visits and routine care, this will not only save your bank account, but routine care is also needed to detect any underlying issues before they develop into serious problems.

So, when you take your pet for their check-ups, you improve their overall health and chances of living a long and happy life.

4. Saves you from debt

We are all about having a great credit score – am I right? But sometimes, we must dip into our credit cards to make ends meet. And that’s okay. But, if you own a pet, and something goes wrong, then you will do more than just dip into your credit card; you will quite literally be swimming in thousands of Rands of debt.

If you have pet insurance, you don’t have to turn to your credit card to pay the bills, your pet coverage will help cover the costs.

5. It’s affordable

This ties into the fact that pet insurance saves you money.

Oneplan’s accident cover plan starts at R80 a month and gives you R8000 in accident cover. Their most comprehensive plan, which has amazing benefits for vet visits, routine care and accident and illness cover, only costs R430 a month.

The great thing about Oneplan is that they pay you before you see the vet and let you go to any vet you choose.

How to find the right pet insurer

Do some digging and find an insurer that suits your budget and your pet’s healthcare. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions and read the fine print of your contract. You need to understand what you are covered for and what you are not. Remember, every insurer is different. So ask all the questions you need to and find out everything you can before you commit to a policy.

Until next time,

The Team