Should You Get Pet Insurance? | Oneplan Explains

We’ve partnered with Oneplan to provide the answer to the question everyone is asking – is pet insurance really worth it or are we wasting our money?

When it comes to our pets, or rather, our furry members of the family, we have a deep emotional attachment and strong bond with them. We consider them to be part of our family and want to ensure that they have the best life possible. This includes making sure that they are happy and healthy. We go to great lengths to provide them with the best food, comfortable living spaces, and regular vet check-ups. We also make sure to provide them with love, attention, and affection. Many pet owners will spend a significant amount of money on their pets, whether it’s on expensive food, medical treatments, or even luxury items like designer pet beds. We will do anything and everything to make sure they are happy and healthy. We want to ensure that they have a long and fulfilling life with us.

No matter what happens, we will always be there for them, trying to keep them safe.

But obviously, keeping our precious pooches or fussy felines safe is not always possible. There are times when accidents are completely out of our control and all we can do is make sure they recover to the best of their abilities. And often, this recovery includes an expensive trip to the vet (or two).

Picture this scenario…

Your 8-month-old puppy just grabbed a chicken bone off your plate and swallowed it whole. At this very moment, you might be worried about a number of things, but the cost of the vet bill is not one of them.

You rush to the emergency vet clinic, it’s Sunday night and you’re scared, naturally.

The vet tells you that it will cost you about R21 000 for manual extraction and this might be more if your precious Rex needs surgery.

The life or death of your dog depends on your willingness to put the bill on your credit card immediately. 

This is the kind of situation that pet insurance was made for. And luckily, in this instance, you have it.

This means that you will be reimbursed for the bill by your insurer. It’s that simple.

Here’s the answer…

So, the simple answer as to whether having pet insurance is really worth the money?

Damn straight it is.

The reason for pet insurance

Pet insurance is a relatively new concept that was created to address a specific problem faced by pet owners. Many pet owners were faced with difficult financial decisions when their pets became ill or injured. They often had to choose between spending large sums of money on veterinary care or euthanizing their beloved pet. Good pet insurance allows pet owners to have peace of mind knowing that their pet can receive the necessary medical care without having to make difficult decisions based on their own ability to pay. Pet insurance works similar to human health insurance, with monthly or annual premiums, deductibles and reimbursements.

A vet in Idaho, Dr Jack Stephens, created the first every pet insurance policy in 1981 when he found himself haunted after having to put down a dog because the owners simply could not afford the treatment.

The cost of owning a pet

As a pet owner, you are likely aware that owning a pet can be costly. From the initial purchase or adoption costs, to ongoing expenses such as food, veterinary care, and grooming; the costs add up. Even the simple pleasures such as toys, bedding and treats can make a dent in your budget. It’s not just the monetary costs that pet owners must consider, but also the time and effort required to take care of a pet. Despite all the costs, many pet owners would agree that the love and companionship their pets provide is worth every penny.

Think about it this way, owning a pet could entail an emotional and financial investment of 10 to 20 years!

So many people underestimate the cost of owning a pet – big mistake!

Let’s give you some basic figures:

The first 6 months of owning a pet can cost you between R5000 and R10 000 – this includes vaccinations, deworming and food.

From there, the yearly total of owning a pet can cost as much as R15 000 -that’s R1250 a month.

And if anything goes wrong, surgery can cost you thousands of Rands in one go.

The cost of pet insurance

So, now that we have a basic and rather scary idea of how much it really costs to own a pet, let’s take a look at how much pet insurance costs…

To get some figures for this part of the article, I had a look at Oneplan. An insurer who is upping the pet insurance game by offering benefits that no other insurer is, such as paying you before you see the vet and allowing you to go to any vet you like.

Anyways, Oneplan Pet Insurance has 3 different pet plans.

The Pet Hospital Plan costs R142 a month. That’s a total of R1704 a year. In this plan your pet is covered for:

  •   accident cover, up to R32 000
  •   illness cover, up to R30 000
  •   and kennel fees if something happens to you

Then we have the Pet Classic Plan at R278 a month and the Pet Super Plan at R390 a month.

What’s awesome about these 2 plans is that they both include visits to the vet and routine care.

That means you are covered for check-ups, vaccinations, other day-to-day care procedures and accidents!

What it comes down to

Although the routine care procedures such as vaccinations and deworming might not cost a significant amount of money individually, when you consider the cost of these procedures over time, they can add up to a substantial amount. For example, if you have a pet that requires regular vaccinations and deworming treatments, the cost of these procedures can quickly add up over the course of a year. Additionally, if you have multiple pets, the cost can become even greater. While these routine care procedures may not seem like a significant expense at first, it’s important to consider the long-term costs and budget accordingly.

And then, and we hope this never has to happen to any of our precious pets, if something goes wrong (because accidents can and do happen), you will end up with a bill costing you tens of thousands of Rands.

When it comes to saying goodbye to our furry family members, it can be an emotional and difficult time. Not only are we dealing with the loss of a loved one, but often it also comes with a financial burden. The cost of euthanasia can be quite high, with some veterinarians charging anywhere from R3000 or more. This cost can include the cost of the procedure itself, as well as any additional costs such as cremation or burial services. This can be a significant expense for many pet owners, especially those who are already struggling financially.

Where to go from here

The responsible thing to do (for your wallet and your pet) is to get pet insurance. And the trick is to get it as soon as possible to make use of vaccination benefits and ensure your pet is covered right from the start.

You’d be barking mad if you didn’t.

Until next time,

The Team