Do Indoor Dogs Need Pet Insurance? We ask our vets!

If you are hesitating on whether or not pet insurance is the right move for your indoor pooch, you really really need to read this blog!

If you are a pet parent, you are most likely clutching your wallet after looking at the costs behind your dog’s high-grade dog food that you get, their overpriced toys, and special treats. The truth is that they all add up. Before you know it, you have spent thousands of Rands in the space of just a month. But there is a way to put all of that money to good use for your indoor pet and it’s with pet insurance.

Debunking a major indoor pet insurance myth

The truth is that there are many rumours that circle the pet insurance industry – trust us. One of the biggest ones is the myth that indoor dogs do not need pet insurance because they are “safer” since they are indoors all day.

Well, let’s quickly clear up this myth once and for all. This is completely FALSE. Indoor dogs 1000% need pet insurance and vets from across the globe all agree. Believing this myth will not only put your dog’s life in danger but threaten your financial stability too.

What do vets say

In order to really drive this point home, we personally consulted with several veterinarians from across the globe. And, well, they all agree that your indoor dog definitely needs pet insurance – and it’s not negotiable. In fact, indoor dogs need pet insurance just as much as outdoor dogs do.

Just because your pooch is spending time running through the house doesn’t mean that they aren’t prone to getting injured or sick. Accidents happen all the time, at any given moment. Taking out pet insurance is the only way to holistically protect your pet from anything happening to them.

Accidents happen – all the time

We promise we’re not saying this to be dramatic or even morbid. It’s just the truth and we see it all the time. Your canine companion may eat some bad food, chew on a poisonous plant, or even chomp on some medication that’s not for them. Basically, anything that is in their eye view is fair game.

It is also important that you remember that illnesses don’t discriminate on whether your dog lives inside or outside. All dogs can develop cancer, diabetes, or other serious chronic diseases. All of them will also require intense ongoing treatment (which is not cheap by the way).

Simply put: accidents and illnesses are common and they aren’t cheap enough for the average household to cover on their own.

Pet insurance: your canine’s real best friend

In order to truly understand the significance of pet insurance, you need to know what it can do for you and your pooch. Pet insurance has been designed to help provide you with a financial safety net. This way your four-legged friend always has access to the best veterinarian care around. What’s best is that it is available throughout their lifetime!

It is also important to remember that pet insurance isn’t just there for big emergencies. Oneplan is an example of a pet insurer that prides itself in offering you holistic care. This means taking care of your pet even when they are in good health. From dental check-ups to your regular vet visits and everything in between, we do it all and help you cover all of those costs.

What happens when you don’t get your indoor dog insurance?

The truth is that it can be very tempting to cut costs by avoiding pet insurance, but the reality is that any potential medical issue can threaten the mental and physical wellbeing of your pup. Moreover, it will also put a huge financial burden on your family. So much so that you might have to choose between economic euthanasia (where you have to put your dog down because you can’t afford treatment) or medical debt where you incur serious vet bills that you can’t afford. Neither of which should ever be the only options you have.

Remember that your dog fully relies on you to prioritise their health. Unlike human beings, they cannot say when they aren’t feeling too good or if they are harbouring a serious illness. By taking out a pet policy, you are taking out the best form of preventative care. This way, your dog is kept safe and so are your finances.

Remember that pet insurance is a must-have regardless of their living environment. Every dog can benefit from the love and care that a pet policy will offer them. Give your pet the security of knowing that they are always covered by signing up for a comprehensive Oneplan pet policy!

Until next time,

The Team