3 Reasons Why Outdoor Dogs Need Pet Insurance

Just because your outdoor dog is able to rough it outside, doesn’t mean they don’t need the security of a pet policy. Keep reading to find out why!

The truth is that many high-energy breeds and hardworking dogs spend the night outside. This is logical option for pups who like to run around, explore, and use the bathroom whenever they need to without having to wake the whole family up – score. Now, while their clear hyper-independence definitely has its perks, don’t let that blind you to the health risk factors involved with having a pet that lives outdoors.

Your dog is still susceptible to encountering several illnesses and accidents. In fact, probably more so because they are outside where they can get up to mischief. The only way to help protect them is to take out pet insurance. This isn’t even a suggestion, it is mandatory.

But before you call us bossy, take a look at why we will always advocate for pet insurance – especially for outdoor dogs!

1. They have to adjust to extreme temperature changes

You know how, when it’s super-hot, you switch on the fan or air-conditioning, or if it’s cold you reach for the heater? Well, your dog doesn’t have the luxury of controlling the temperature around them. They are exposed to the elements including rain, wind, excessive heat, and more. This means that they are at an increased risk of conditions like heat stroke, hypothermia, etc. They are basically at the mercy of Mother Nature, and she is not always kind.

It is also important that you understand that these issues are not only life-threatening but incredibly expensive to correct. The diagnostic procedures alone can set you back thousands of Rands! Never mind the fact that you will still need to cover the vet bills, medication, treatment, hospitalization … Can you see all of those zeros at the end of this all?

Pet insurance is a great way, not only to help you cover those pesky bills, but also for you to be able to afford regular vet visits so that your vet can assess the health and wellness of your dog.

2. They are more prone to serious injuries

From chasing their tails, to eating various plants, to rubbing their fur in the soil,  outdoor dogs are the ultimate adventurers. As entertaining as this is, it is yet another reminder that outdoor dogs are bound to get themselves into trouble.

In a matter of seconds, a bone could be broken, or a ligament is torn, something poisonous is eaten… the list could go on! This is especially true since we aren’t watching our outdoor dogs 24/7. To help keep you from an unexpected, ridiculously high, vet bill, we highly suggest you get pet insurance. This way, your vet knows what to look for given that they are an outdoor pet, but they can also give you personal tips on how best to keep your dog safe while they’re outside.

3. They will need a lot more grooming

Now, we are going to take a wild guess here and assume that when you saw the word ‘grooming’, you thought of trimming nails, cutting your dog’s hair, etc. But it goes beyond those things – even though they are very important, especially since their fur is exposed to temperamental weather conditions.

However, grooming also includes taking care of various infestations that your dog will most likely encounter. This will look like fleas, tapeworms, ticks, etc. Remember that these infestations do not discriminate on who they choose as a host, so whether your dog is only outside during the day or sleeping outside, they can still be in serious danger.

We love Oneplan as they have wellness coverage too which means that you can easily be reimbursed for grooming needs like flea prevention, vaccines, etc. Pet insurance with them can help your dog avoid contracting these kinds of health risks altogether.

The most important takeaway from this blog is that, just because your dog sleeps outside, doesn’t mean that they are invincible. It also doesn’t mean that, just because you are obsessed with your dog, that you know when they are not well. Trust in their years of knowledge and insights of your vet by using your pet insurance to get affordable and easy access to them. This is the only way to take care of your dog. Again, this isn’t just opinion, it’s fact.

Until next time,

The petinsurance.co.za Team