What is the best pet insurance plan for older dogs?

We answer the common question so many paw parents are asking and give you the breakdown on pet insurance

As your dog gets older, she is likely to visit the vet more. Age tends to come with an increase in risks for various diseases and conditions.

Just like how elderly humans tend to visit their doctor more and are more likely to be on chronic medication, the same applies to dogs.

Vet bills will become a common occurrence and more costly as your dog ages.

Research has shown that, as a dog owner, you are 3 times more likely to use your pet insurance compared to your car insurance, which is why, if you love your precious pooch, pet insurance is more than worth it.

Why it pays to insure an older dog

To some people, pet insurance is not seen as essential. But if you own a dog, then you will want to be protected against the large vet bills that can come your way. Which is why it helps to have a good insurance policy.

The study mentioned above also found that people who are over the age of 50 are more likely to own a dog, but less likely to have pet insurance.

Not insuring your dog can end up in a huge amount of vet bills on your end, especially if you have an older dog.

The costs of vet visits

Did you know that just a check-up at the vet can cost between R300 and R1000?

Surgery can cost R10 000 or more just to remove something your dog has swallowed.

Never mind chronic medication for ongoing issues that older dogs often suffer from.

Routine care is so important for older dogs

As your dog gets older, it will help to make sure he goes for regular check-ups to the vet. And not just that, but routine care like dental care, vaccinations, and tick and flea control need to also be taken into account.

Many people overlook the importance of routine care when, in actual fact, seeing your vet on a regular basis can help in detecting any underlying issues and preventing them from progressing.

There are a number of pet insurers out there and some of these offer amazing routine care benefits and cover.

How old is ‘too old’ for pet insurance?

Every pet insurer will have a different age limit for their policies.

I reached out to the guys at Oneplan Insurance and asked them what their age limits are…

When signing up with Oneplan, your dog cannot be older than 8 years of age (meaning the next birthday he will turn 9), and the minimum age your dog must be is 8 weeks old.

What is the best pet insurance plan for older dogs?

As you know, having an older dog means your precious pooch is more likely to be involved in an accident or suffer from a medical issue.

When choosing the right pet insurance plan, many paw parents opt for the cheapest option and pick an accident-only plan.

Although this kind of plan is great to keep monthly premiums down, it does not cover routine care, check-ups, and general issues not considered ‘accidents’.

Go for comprehensive cover

The best idea is to opt for cover that includes vet visits, routine care and accident cover.

Do some research and see what kind of plans are offered by the various pet insurance companies, but make sure you also check the age restrictions for new pets.

A final word

When you insure your older dog, you are immediately mitigating a huge amount of vet bills that are more likely than not to occur as your furry member of the family reaches her older years.

You need to be prepared to pay for a pet insurance policy and know that this will save you thousands of Rands in medical bills.

Having a sick dog is stressful enough; you shouldn’t have to deal with medical bills and crushing debt on top of that.

But, if you adore and love your precious pooch and he really is the furry member of your family, then take my advice and get pet insurance.

Until next time,

The petinsurance.co.za Team