Why Do I Need Pet Insurance? 15 Reasons Why

Life as a pet owner is full of surprises. Some are incredibly pleasant while others are simply terrifying. Thankfully, with pet insurance, the good shall outweigh the bad. Need a little proof? Keep reading!

It goes without saying that the idea of pet insurance will cross the minds of most pet parents. However, the thought of adding another debit order to your card seems daunting. To help prove the importance of this cover, we’ve rounded up our top 15 reasons why you should say “YES!” to pet insurance.

Pets get sick

It is a lot easier on our hearts to pretend that our pets never get sick, but the reality is that they do. And it can happen at a moment’s notice. These illnesses can range from a small cold or allergies to more severe medical issues like diabetes and cancer. Being a responsible pet owner means getting financial cover for all of these possible illnesses. Pet insurance is the best way to do that!

Injuries and accidents happen

This may seem like a morbid start to the conversation, but this reality check is crucial. Your pets are naturally pretty adventurous, mischievous, and unfortunately unlucky at times. Accidents like torn nails, cuts and bruises, and broken bones happen more often than you think. It is therefore the role of a responsible pet parent to take out coverage that assists with medical emergencies.

Vet bills are covered

Contrary to popular belief, it really is possible to protect your pet and your finances. By taking out pet insurance, you are no longer bearing the brunt of high vet bills. It is important to note that, as veterinarian reach continues to grow, so do the vet bills. As such, your need for pet insurance becomes paramount.

Heredity and breed-specific conditions show up

Just like human beings, various health conditions can be passed down. Certain breeds are also incredibly prone to developing certain illnesses. This can include things like hip dysplasia, cataracts, epilepsy, and several other diseases that can show up later in your pet’s life. By enrolling your pet in pet insurance, you are able to continuously monitor and treat any hereditary or breed-specific conditions early on.

It’s the epitome of preventative care

There is a saying that sums up this point perfectly: Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure!

You gain access to advanced treatments

When you have pet insurance in your back pocket, doors instantly begin to open. You can now gain entry into some of the best medical facilities for your pet and can benefit from medical advancements and treatments without worrying about the bill. 

You can choose your vet

Pet insurance is all about giving you the power of choice. In the same way that it gives you several medical treatment options, you can also choose who you trust with your pet. You can make use of your pet policy at any registered veterinarian facility/clinic!

It grants you peace of mind

We cannot stress how important this is. When you are in the middle of a serious situation, the last thing you should be thinking about is where you can go and how much it’ll cost to help your pet. This level of peace of mind is underrated and deserves more attention.

Dental is an essential

One of the most common elements involved in pet care is dental health. Pet owners often forget that their pets are also in need of regular dental check-ups to ensure top oral health. With pet insurance, your fur baby’s pearly whites will stay that way!

You can budget for pet costs

When you opt-in for pet insurance you are investing in the health and well-being of your pet. But that doesn’t mean that your insurer will not cater to your flexibility in terms of payments. You have the option of paying monthly, semi-annually, or annually!

You can avoid economic euthanasia

Too often, pet owners are faced with the harrowing reality that they cannot afford medical treatments for their pets. And because of their restricted finances, they have to look at euthanising their pet. Economic euthanasia will no longer be a word in your vocabulary with pet insurance.

Avoid medical debt

Once again, pet owners are faced with many financial dilemmas when their pet is sick. Given the fact that we will all do anything in our power to keep our pets safe, that sometimes even means getting into medical debt to do so. With pet insurance, this will no longer be a reality as your pet bills will be covered.

You pay for what you can afford

Once again pet insurance gives you the power of choice. When you have this coverage, you can choose a pet policy that matches your exact needs and budget. You can go from comprehensive coverage to accident and illness-only coverage – the choice is yours!

It’s easy to use

We have seen first-hand that the myth that pet insurance is difficult to use has deterred many pet owners. Well, let’s just set the record straight that your insurer will happily show you just how effective and simple it is to sign up, claim and gain access to several of their included benefits.

Offers better quality of life for your pet

Lifelong pet insurance is the best way to allow your pet to age gracefully and live a happy, long, and healthy life knowing that they are covered, protected, and catered to.

If we are being completely honest, pet insurance truly is the gift that keeps giving – both to the pet and the pet owner! Consider shifting some of the responsibilities of adequate pet care over to a pet insurer. They are the best thing for you and your pet!

Until next time,

The petinsurance.co.za Team