10 Pawsome Dog Friendly Hiking Trails & Walks in South Africa

Grab the leash and your precious pooch because we have the ultimate list of dog friendly hiking trails and walks to spend time in nature with your furry bestie by your side.

If you have recently been scrolling the internet and social media trying to find some great and dog-friendly places to hike and walk your dog, then scroll no more. Luckily, living in the beautiful country that is South Africa, there is an abundance of pet-friendly walking and hiking spots. Grab your dog, some treats (for you both), water and your walking shoes and keep reading.

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The Ultimate List of Dog Friendly Hiking Trails & Walks in South Africa

1.     Kranskloof, Magaliesburg, North West

This trail includes beautiful scenery, which makes for an easy walk through stunning surrounds. The trail begins at an overnight camp (which is also pet-friendly if you fancy an overnight stay) and passes the farm dam as you begin to gradually ascend the Magaliesburg mountains.

The climb is quite easy and steady, with some interesting rock formations to pass and look at along the way. The view from the top truly is a sight to behold. Prepare yourself and your pooch for a great day out! Keep in mind that your dog needs to be on a leash at all times and you need to book accommodation a few weeks in advance.

2.     Newlands Forest, Cape Town

Newlands Forest is a charming hiking trail that has amazing views of Table Mountain. If you are after an easy-going trail and just want to stretch your legs and get in some exercise, then this is a great way to do it!

3.     Buffalo Gorge, Middleburg

Buffalo Gorge boasts a scenic hiking route and some awesome mountain biking trails too! This hike makes for a moderate to hard walk and perfect for those looking for a more challenging hiking trail. There are also camping facilities if you are wanting to make a weekend of it!

4.     Huddle Park Golf and Recreation, Johannesburg

At Huddle Park, you will find some easy-going walking trails that intersect with mountain biking trails too. They also have a yummy restaurant equipped with water bowls for your furry bestie after a long walk together in the wilderness. Your dog will need to stay on a leash at all times, although this won’t detract from the beauty of this park and its trails. You’ll almost forget you’re in Joburg!

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5.     Constantia Nek, Cape Town

Take a hike with your precious pooch from Constantia Nek through to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in the beautiful Western Cape. The route is relatively easy and is only 6 kilometres long. It should take you “ruff”-ly an hour or two to finish.

This is an exceptionally scenic hike, with the views and backdrop of Table Mountain, you will find yourself surrounded by the amazing greenery of nature. UNESCO’s World Heritage Site deemed this the most beautiful garden in Africa.

6.     Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape Town

The key is to head to gate 3 to explore these beautiful gardens with your bestie. There are over 300kms to go walkabout – just keep in mind that your dog needs to be on a leash at all times. These gardens really are something spectacular!

7.     Walkhaven Dog Park, Johannesburg

This dog park was built and created just for you and your dog!

Walkhaven is a stunning dog park that offers Joburgers an escape from the city. There are 2 large dams where dogs can swim and some wet grassland to explore. This park makes for an easy walk and an incredible day out to bond with your furry bestie.

8.     Umhlanga Lighthouse Beach

Ever dreamed of taking long walks on the beach with your dog as the waves crash on the ocean and the sun sets above the sea? Well, this is your chance. This stunning lighthouse and beach are right next to the Oyster Box Hotel. Be sure to bring your camera for some picture-perfect moments and scenes. Your dog will need to stay on a leash at all times though.

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9.     Sards Bark Park, Port Elizabeth

Equipped with a K9 Coffee Bar, this incredible park offers you a great way to spend the day in nature with your precious pooch by your side! Known for its wonderful atmosphere and dog-friendly features, this park was made for you and your furry bestie!

10.  Leadville Dog Park, Cape Town

The great thing about this park is that your dog can explore leash-free! This park has it all! A training academy, pet shop, pet parlour and coffee shop for you to relax at. There are also separated sections for dogs of different sizes, meaning your pooch’s safety is put first and he or she can make friends too.

Some advice

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Until next time, get to bounding, wagging, and walking at these stunning dog friendly hiking trails and walks in South Africa.

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