Why being called a “Cat Lady” is actually a compliment!

Many of us know the “cat lady” stereotype – she’s single, owns many cats, substitutes human bonds with relationships with her feline friends and some might say she’s a tad crazy. Whether the stereotype is true or not (we’re leaning towards “not”!), we are here to tell you that women who own cats are on to something great.

Read on to learn why!

When you hear the term “cat lady,” you immediately think of your elderly, eccentric neighbour who lives on her own with her many kitty cats. Forget what you have heard, being a cat lady is healthy!

Recent studies have shown that owning a cat, especially for women over the age of 50, has tremendous benefits on their health and wellness. Cats are the purrfect pets for those who love cuddles, want a loyal companion and a furry friend to have fun with – and they give their owners health benefits too!

Why is owning a kitty cat (and being a cat lady) beneficial for women?

Whilst owning any pet provides you with a multitude of health and wellness benefits, some are specific to feline friends, such as:

Mittens can lower stress and anxiety

Any cat owner will be the first to tell you that their feline friend helps them to relax and unwind. After a long day, having your furry friend curl up on your lap and share some loving cuddles which result in your body releasing oxytocin and dopamine (better known as the happy hormone). These ‘feel-good’ hormones make you feel less stressed and increase the feeling of wellbeing.

Feline friends can improve cardiovascular health

Cats don’t only fill your heart with love, they can help keep your heart healthy and happy! Studies have shown a link between cat ownership and a decreased chance of experiencing a stroke or heart attack. In addition, a kitty cat’s purr can help calm your nervous system and lower blood pressure, one more reason to cuddle your cat!

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Kitty cats reduce the feeling of loneliness

The best benefit of owning a cat is quite simple, they offer companionship. Loneliness is linked with increased stress hormones, higher blood pressure and an impacted immune system.

Feeling lonely for extended periods can have harmful physical and mental health and is as important to treat as any illness. Cats offer unconditional love, unwavering loyalty, and a source of fun to their owners. Although cats are independent creatures who enjoy wandering and exploring around, they are often very affectionate to their owners and trusted people.

A cat is a wonderful pet for a single woman, as they will spend time with their owners and give their owner a purpose – they definitely won’t fill their food bowls by themselves!

Fluffy keeps your metabolism going

As women age, it is common for their metabolism to slow down as they tend to become less active. Owning a pet can boost the metabolism as they need to be exercised, washed, fed, shopped for and cleaned after.

Trust us, the heavy bags of litter will definitely get your muscles and metabolism going! Running around after your four-legged friend offers a cardio workout more often than not, which is both good for your body and mind!

And kitty cats make exceptional roommates too!

Many women enjoy feline companionship as they make fantastic pets whether you live in a big house or a tiny apartment, whether you work full-time in the office or from home – they are very versatile creatures which makes them a great pet for all types of people.

Here are a few other reasons why cats make great pets:

Cats are low maintenance pets

Cats are independent animals who are able to entertain themselves and don’t require walking, grooming or a large space to explore – the nooks and crannies of your kitchen will keep Mittens entertained for hours!

Cats are quiet (most of the time)

Besides the odd loud meow asking for food or attention, cats are generally quiet animals. This is a weight off your shoulders should you live in a flat, have nit-picky neighbours or have a napping baby in the house. Be sure to keep your kitty’s tummy full and give them plenty of cuddles and you shouldn’t hear a peep out of them!

Felix is a pro-mouse catcher

There’s one very well-known fact about cats – they love mouse hunting! Cats are natural predators (or so they like to think) and they enjoy catching rodents, as well as insects, which makes them a very beneficial roommate as they don’t need to chase out the next cockroach or spider you see!

It seems that cat-loving celebrities like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are on the right path. We hope that you stop fearing being called a “crazy cat lady” and say yes to a cuddly cat as a pet – they offer so many benefits, how could you say no!

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Yours in Not-So-Average Pet Advice,

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