7 Tips for A Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt without Chocolate

Who says an easter egg hunt is only for human children? Your fur babies deserve to get in on the fun too! We’ve got some incredible tips for you to create a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt without chocolate.

Kiddies are not the only ones who love to search for hidden goodies, dogs absolutely love to explore the house or the garden for hidden treats. A dog’s sense of smell and adventure makes them the ideal candidate for an Easter-egg hunt. But remember, chocolate isn’t good for dogs so substitute the chocolate treats for something else. We’ll share some ideas.

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Tips for a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt without chocolate

1.     Safety first – always

As we mentioned above, chocolate is not good for dogs. We don’t mean this in the sense that it’s unhealthy but it’s considered poison to dogs. Make sure your easter egg hunt is chocolate-free!

When planning your Easter egg hunt, think about treats or items that your dog won’t choke on or break. Further on in this blog, we’ve listed some amazing things to add to your easter hunt.

2.     Plastic eggs

Plastic eggs are a fun option for your pup but you need to exercise extreme caution. You can find plastic eggs in many stores during the Easter season. You can fill the eggs with different types of treats that your doggo loves. Fill them with biscuits, soft treats, peanut butter or even fish paste.

If your dog tends to break things or if they don’t understand a ‘drop it’ command, rather don’t use the plastic eggs. Your doggo could snap the plastic eggs into dangerous shards that could really hurt them. You also need to make sure you find plastic eggs that are relatively big so they can’t be swallowed. You can also use these plastic eggs over and over for years to come.

3.     Smelly treats are the best treats

Your dogs are likely to find their Easter treats using their sense of smell (their strongest sense). If you’re hiding dog toys, attach a dog treat to them so your pup can find them easier. Use treats that have a strong scent for your doggo to sniff out.

If you’re using plastic eggs, smear a little bit of peanut butter or fish/liver paste on the outside of the egg. This will make it easier for your doggo to hunt the eggs down.

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4.     Different hunts for different species

If you’re planning an Easter hunt for both your human children and your fur kids, we recommend doing them separately. Make sure you count how many treats you leave out for your pets and your children. You don’t want your doggo finding a chocolate egg (but make sure you have pet insurance in case they do) or your child finding a plastic egg filled with dog treats.

Pro tip: Add stickers to your treats to visually separate them just in case.

5.     How to do the hunt

Before the Easter egg hunt begins, you need to guide your dog. Place one of the eggs or treats in front of your pup and let them gobble it up. Once they understand that there is a treat in store for them, throw a couple of the treats/eggs on the floor around your house or garden.

Next, you can lead him to the first well-hidden egg. If your dog gets the hang of it, let them search for the rest of the easter treats but if they need a little help, you can guide them along. This is a fun bonding experience for you and your pup, have fun with it!

6.     Do you have more than one dog?

If you have multiple dogs, make sure they are happy to play nice together. Make sure they share the treats and each gets to have fun with the hunt. If you have a territorial dog who will growl or fight over their treats, consider doing separate hunts so everyone can enjoy the game.

7.     Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up

Keep track of how many eggs or treats your pup has found. Make sure they’ve found them all, you don’t want them to find a treat unsupervised (plastic eggs are a choking hazard and you need to monitor your dogs). If your kiddo has done their own easter egg hunt first, make sure any candied or chocolate treats are found and put away before your dog starts their hunt.

Important things to remember:

  • Opt for healthier treats like eggs or peanut butter rather than manufactured treats.
  • Consider making your own treats – here’s some inspiration!
  • Less is more – you don’t want your doggo to overindulge and get sick.
  • Their safety comes first – you know your doggo well enough to know what types of treats or toys are good for them.
  • Keep it simple – your dog doesn’t need super elaborate hiding places.
  • It might be easier to use a leash to guide your pup.

These family holidays are a great way to bond with your pets and children! Even better? Dogs hunting for treats tires them out mentally and physically, your doggo will experience the best nap after having so much fun with you!

A very happy Easter to you and your furry friend!

Yours in Not-So-Average Pet Advice,

The Petinsurance.co.za Team